Seafood Restaurant

Arno's Seafood Restaurant is located in the heart of Ostend on the Wapenplein. Arno's is the ideal place for a cosy lunch, a sumptuous dinner or a quick snack.

Our menu


  • Soup of the day €6,00
  • Fish soup €19,00

    With rouille, cheese and bread crusts

  • Bisque €11,00

    Of grey North Sea shrimps

  • Grilled oysters €22,00

    With garlic butter

  • Scampi €20,00 / 4stuks

    With garlic

  • Scampi €20,00

    In a creamy chive sauce

  • Artisanal cheese croquettes €17,00
  • Artisanal shrimp croquettes €19,00
  • 6 Oysters €21,00

    'Fines de Claires' on ice

  • Smoked salmon €18,00

    Extra soft and hand-cut smoked salmon

  • Beef carpaccio €18,00

    With truffle oil, rocket salad and parmesan cheese

  • Tuna carpaccio €19,00

    With lime, oyster leaf and parmesan

  • Lobster belle-vue €42,00


  • Fresh lobster chef's style €42,00
  • Fresh lobster with garlic €42,00
  • Fresh lobster thermidor €42,00


On request only

  • Seafood platter €67,00

    Oysters (Belons, Fines de Claires), giant shrimps, winkles, whelks, clams, amandes, grey shrimps, king prawns, mussels and 1/2 crab

  • Seafood platter deluxe €82,00

    Oysters (Belons, Fines de Claires), giant shrimps, winkles, whelks, clams, amandes, grey shrimps, king prawns, mussels, 1/2 crab and 1/2 lobster

  • Discovery plate - menu selection €34,00
  • Baked small sole €32,00

    'Meunière' (3 pieces)

  • Baked salmon fillet €26,00

    With béarnaise sauce

  • Arno's fish stew €24,00

    With mashed potatoes

  • Grilled scampi €28,00

    With tartar sauce and mashed potatoes

  • Scampi met Look €29,00 / 7stuk
  • Fried brill fillet €34,00

    With white wine sauce, warm vegetables and mashed potatoes

  • Baked cod €32,00

    With pesto, parmesan, onion rings and tomato coulis with pasta

  • Poached cod €32,00

    With mousseline of wheat beer and shrimps

  • Grilled tuna steak €32,00

    With fresh bearnaise sauce, chicory salad and small potatoes

  • Bouillabaisse of fish & shellfish €35,00
  • Vol-au-vent of North Sea fish €26,00

    With fries

  • Eel in cream sauce €28,00
  • Eel in green herb sauce €29,00
  • Eel in tartare sauce €27,00
  • Fresh pasta with seafood €29,00

    With garlic

  • Fresh pasta with seafood €29,00

    With chef's curry sauce

  • Penne with pink salmon €25,00

    With fresh vegetables and a creamy chef's sauce

  • Vegetarian pasta with fresh vegetables €22,00

    With a creamy chef's sauce

  • Salad of hand peeled grey shrimps €29,00

    With fries

  • Scampi salad €25,00

    With mango and vinaigrette

  • Tomato with hand-peeled grey shrimps €30,00

    With fries

  • Fresh filet americain €24,00

    With fries

  • Thai chicken €24,00

    With curry sauce and jasmine rice

  • Irish rib-eye €32,00

    With bearnaise sauce and small potatoes

  • Filet pur 250gr €34,00

    Met frietjes en saus naar keuze: Champignonroomsaus, Béarnaise, gflambeerde peperroomsaus, met lookboter

  • Vol-au-vent €24,00

    With fries

  • Pork chop €22,00

    With mustard sauce and small potatoes

  • Flemish stew with fries €24,00


Beef carpaccio with olive oil and parmesan


Cheese croquettes with garnish


Soup of the day with bread

Baked small sole "Meunière" (2 pieces)


Steak with sauce of your choice and fries


Penne with pink salmon, fresh vegetables and a creamy chef's sauce

Crème brûlée


Coffee / tea

  • Ice cream for childeren €4,00
  • Coupe vanilla €5,40
  • Coupe Brésilienne €6,00
  • Coupe Advocate €7,40
  • Coupe of fresh fruit €8,50
  • Ice cream with strawberries €8,90
  • Dame Blanche €7,00
  • Banana Split €7,00
  • Confiture €5,00
  • Whipped cream €5,50
  • Mikado €8,00
  • Ice cream €7,00
  • With fresh fruit €9,50
  • Tiramisu €7,00
  • Tartuffo €7,00
  • Fresh fruit salad €8,00
  • Créme Brulée €7,00
  • Cake of the house €7,00
  • Sabayon €15,00
  • Moelleux €8,00


  • Paté van everzwijn met confituur van ui €17,00

    Paté de sanglier avec confiture d'oignons

  • Ragout van everzwijn met amandelkroketjes €29,00

    Ragoût de sanglier et pommes croquettes aux amandes

  • Fazant met wilde champignonsaus, witloof en amandelkroketjes €33,00

    Faisan sauce champignons des bois. endives et pommes croquttes aux amandes

  • Hazenrug met portosaus, warme groentjes en krielaardappelen €35,00

    Dos de râble sauce porto, lěgumes vapeur et grenailles

  • filet van ree met wilde champignonsaus, warme groenten en krielaardappelen €28,00

    Filet de biche, sauce champignons des bois, légumes vapeur et grenailles

Maand menu- Menu du mois



Patè van ree met uienconfituur

Patè de biche avec confiture d'oignons

Bisque of grey shrimps

Bisque de Crevettes Grises

Filet van fazant met champangnesaus, warme groenten en krielaardappelen

Filet de faisan sauce au champagne, lègumes vapeur et grenailles

of / ou

Ragout van everzwijn met amandelkroketjes

Ragoút de sanglier et pommes corquettes aux amandes

Desser van de chef

Dessert du chef

of / ou

Koffie of thee

Café ou thé